Q1 Newsletter 2023 – Letter from the Executive Director

55% of U.S. adults or 110 million people now own one or more smart home device(s), and 47% of adults intend to purchase a smart home device into early 2023. Owners and intenders are looking for systems that can offer interoperability and provide end-to-end connectivity and control of their homes.

Mitch Klein

Take a moment to let those stats sink in and reflect on the opportunity that lays before us. This is an exciting moment for the Z-Wave Alliance. While Matter has grabbed media headlines over the last year, the certified, interoperable Z-Wave ecosystem is now 4,100+ devices strong and growing. As a technology, Z-Wave continues to evolve, add new features, and meet market demand. Recent example of this forward progression include Z-Wave Long Range Certification and the completion of the  Z-Wave Source Code project, which is  readily available on GitHub to Alliance members. As the Alliance considered the approach to the 2023 Ecosystem Report, we decided that going global was a clear next step to assessing the state of the market.

Over the course of the last five years, we have reported on the state of the Z-Wave Ecosystem as it pertained to the U.S. market.  While this market is a leader in adoption of home electronics and smart home products, there is more of the market to explore. For the first time in the history of the Z-Wave Ecosystem Report, this year’s findings focuses on key growth points in the UK, France, and Germany. Each of these regions are representative of large Z-Wave markets  and though young when compared to the U.S. smart home market, the western EU is filled with immense potential. Some of the most interesting findings  have been the commonalities discovered across  Z-Wave owners globally. The following is true of Z-Wave Owners across all four countries when comparing data:

  • Z-Wave Owners are generally more satisfied with their security systems and are more likely to purchase additional smart home devices in the next 6 months.
  • Z-Wave Owners are more interested in sensor kits, especially for electrical and fire safety, and water usage.
  • Z-Wave Owners are more likely to purchase additional smart home devices in the next 6 months, particularly smart security, and smart lighting

The Z-Wave Alliance is excited to announce the full 2023 Ecosystem Report is available to members to download now in Causeway and, additional deep-dive data into each of the surveyed regions is also available. Don’t miss out! Be among the first to download and read the latest Z-Wave Ecosystem Report and leverage the findings within to help support your Z-Wave efforts.


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