Learn How Z-Wave Certification Works

Full Z-Wave certification continues to test and certify for Z-Wave S2 security, network connectivity, range, battery life, and interoperability including backwards and forwards compatibility.

We are very excited that in addition to our global certification labs, we now have a U.S. based certification house again. That’s a big step to get products certified much more efficiently. It’s a known problem for organizations across the industry that certification houses get backed up fast, so having a U.S. based certification house is a big deal for manufacturers in the U.S.

By offering U.S.-based Z-Wave device certification, Solutions for IoT can make it easier for North American manufacturers to communicate throughout the certification process, resolving any issues that arise and ultimately getting products to market faster. Solutions for IoT also offers certification support for U.S. government and industry device certification, including UL and ETL preparation and U.S.-based Z-Wave device preparation.

Certification Process

Learn about the steps required for Z-Wave certification.

Certification Tutorials

Learn how to use the Z-Wave Alliance Certification Portal, where you submit products for Z-Wave Certification.


Learn about the all the interoperable devices in the Z-Wave ecosystem.


Z-Wave is designed for device control whether, residential, MDU or hospitality with the most complete and mature applications available today.

Certification News

Review the latest information about Z-Wave Certification.

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