About Us

Vision and Mission

The Z-Wave Alliance is the premiere member-driven standards development organization dedicated to developing and advancing the Z-Wave ® platform for global smart home and IoT solutions.

  • Z-Wave technology is the backbone for today and tomorrow’s smart building solutions.
  • Alliance members are industry leaders providing connected products, software, and systems
    that deliver increased comfort, convenience, energy conservation, safety, and security to
    residential and commercial smart buildings and the people within them.
  • The Alliance is collectively working to open Z-Wave to new applications, market Z-Wave to
    end-users, and develop Z-Wave as the de facto standard as the sub-GhZ wireless protocol
    for device communication.


The Alliance encourages other leading home control manufacturers and service providers to join
our dedication to wireless interoperability, and to develop and deploy products that utilize interoperable Z-Wave technology. 

Our vision is one of a common standard that allows simple wireless control for almost any residential or light commercial product or application.

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