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Command Classes

Over more than two decades, Z-Wave technology has evolved to what it is today, a ratified multi-source wireless standard for the development of IoT devices. The maturity that comes with these many years focused on the smart home can be seen in the comprehensive command class library that has developed and is one of the key factors in making Z-Wave the leading smart home technology in the world.

Z-Wave has hundreds of command classes:

These proven command classes drive the Alliance mission to unify devices regardless of brand while progressing the Z-Wave protocol since inception. There are more IoT devices in the home today than any time in history, and that’s nothing compared to what is to come. In order for the promise of industry wide interoperability to happen, the hundreds of millions of existing devices, installations and large ecosystems in the market today must continue to function as well as grow, and Z-Wave is the protocol that can bridge these systems.

As member of the Z-Wave Alliance on Manufacturer, Principal, or Founder level, you are invited to join the Working Groups and participate in the continuous work of improving and updating the specifications, ensuring the quality, interoperability, and backwards compatibility of the Z-Wave ecosystem.

Download the current in-force specification package for certification here.

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