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Learn About the Different Layers of Z-Wave

Any Z-Wave device has a Device Type, Role Type, and a list of Command Classes that can be controlled and/or supported. The specification requirements for every layer are well defined in the documentation provided, and they are also referenced in the Certification Portal with a guide to the relevant place in the specifications.

The requirement level for a new application development very much depends on the selected Device & Role Type and the number and types of Command Classes that a developer wishes to implement. The Certification Portal will help identify the mandatory requirements during the Initial Selection stage.

The Specifications are updated twice per year and marked as version xxxxA and xxxxB signifying the year of the release (e.g. 2022A). The latest released specification version should be used for new development, however it is not certifiable until it is implemented into the Certification Portal and the Compliance Test Tool (CTT). Implementation is normally finalized within the following quarter and then it is referred to as being “in-force”.



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As a member of the Z-Wave Alliance on Manufacturer, Principal, or Founder level, you are also invited to join the Working Groups to participate in the continuous work of improving and updating the specifications, ensuring the quality, interoperability, and backwards compatibility of the Z-Wave ecosystem.

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