Development Process Overview

Development Process Overview

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Why Develop with Z-Wave

The Complete IoT Solution

The Z-Wave Alliance is a standards development organization dedicated to advancing Z-Wave technology as an open and internationally recognized ITU standard (G.9959) for smart home and IoT solutions.

Z-Wave is licensed by Silicon Laboratories, Austin TX, and is comprised of a mesh communications protocol stack, a set of device profiles, a wide selection of transceiver chips and modules, and a finished product certification program.

Together, Silicon Laboratories, the Z-Wave Alliance, and hundreds of international companies that use Z-Wave technology in their products and services present the largest ecosystem of interoperable wireless control products in the world. The Z-Wave mesh communication protocol stack is embedded in the available chips and modules, and is accessed through a complete set of APIs. Z-Wave chips and modules provide Flash or OTP memory options for the manufacturer or OEM’s application software.

How to Develop with Z-Wave

Build future-proof connected products


1. Get the Developer’s Kit

Purchase the developers kit and sign the license agreement with Silicon Laboratories.

3. Start Developing

Develop the product following the SDK guidelines. Silicon Laboratories and Z-Wave Alliance will support you every step of the way.

5. Market Your Product

Use the Z-Wave badge on your devices and add them to the catalog to kickstart your marketing campaign.

2. Join the Alliance

Join the Z-Wave Alliance as soon as possible to take advantage of product marketing support.

4. Certify Your Product

Submit your finished product to Silicon Laboratories for Technical and Market Certification and to the independent test lab for verification.

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