Q1 Newsletter 2023 – Member Corner: Swidget

What was once a company manufacturing microgravity research equipment now makes one of the most versatile smart devices on the market. Swidget, a Z-Wave Alliance member since 2017, takes a unique approach to IoT with a focus on modular, future-proof solutions for builders, integrators, and homeowners.

Flexible by design, Swidget manufacturers swappable, modular inserts that are compatible with their Swidget Switch and Outlet host Wiring Devices. The unique combination of a user’s Z-Wave certified hub of choice and Swidget’s multitude of Z-Wave controlled modules (Basic Control Insert, USB Insert, Temperature, Humidity, Motion Sensor Insert and Air Quality insert) enable Swidget’s flexible, discreet, and future-proof solution to work harmoniously with the Z-Wave smart home.

Carl Sherbino

Shortly after transitioning from the Space sector to IoT, Swidget joined the Z-Wave Alliance. The decision was a no-brainer, according to Carl Sherbino, Director of Software Engineering at Swidget. “One of the foundations of our product is our smart home protocol agnosticism,” said Sherbino. “When we came to market, we wanted to highlight that fact by combining at least two protocols in inserts for the same outlet. We selected Z-Wave because of the protocol’s maturity, continuing longevity, , and its design: it’s a well-designed protocol, especially for smart home use. I knew that the Z-Wave development would be the right fit to get us to market quickly.” Sherbino noted that it’s easy to develop and test a device, and features like SmartStart and backward compatibility make it an ideal choice.

For a small company like Swidget, joining an organization like Z-Wave is not a decision to be made lightly. However, maintaining a meaningful membership makes the investment worth it. “The Z-Wave community is very active. There’s a lot of information and support out there,” said Sherbino. “We have connected and worked with other members that we’ve met at the Z-Wave Member Summits and also at tradeshows and other events. We participate in the committees which gives us an inside look at what’s happening on the certification and application side. It’s easy to have your voice heard, hear other voices, and get new ideas.”

According to Sherbino one of the driving smart home trends this year will be simplifying the user experience. “The marketplace has realized it’s important to make everything easier. They don’t want to mix and match with multiple configurations and multiple apps or continually update to the next new smart home device. That will have to get better,” he stated. Swidget is supporting builders and integrators in making this trend a reality with their soon-to-be-certified Z-Wave 800-series modular inserts.

“Z-Wave is always working to improve its technology. So it’s nice to know the Z-Wave protocol won’t be obsolete. That matches well with our mission to future-proof smart homes- people can easily add the new Z-Wave 800 inserts without rewiring and starting over. We’re moving in the right direction,” Sherbino concluded.

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