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What is Z-Wave Long Range and How Does it Differ from Z-Wave?

In September of this year, the Z-Wave Alliance announced the new Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR) specification. Now, just three short months later, the

What’s the Matter with Z-Wave?

Why do we need a new standard? We already have so many to choose from! As the cartoon says, we have so many that
Smart phone with interoperable home management solutions powered by Z-Wave

Smart Gadgets for Every Home Q & A: Tips and Advice from the Experts

Smart home is a growing trend – but turning your life into an automated one might be a hard transition when deciding on what
Avi Rosenthal

Z-Wave Member Corner: Guess Who’s Back

Though Avi Rosenthal, managing partner at bluesalve partners, is a recent addition to the Z-Wave Board of Directors, he’s no stranger to the Z-Wave