Z-Wave Long Range: A Game Changer in Home Automation

Eshita Srivastava, Product Manager at Silicon Labs, shares why Z-Wave Long Range is a “game changer in the realm of smart home technology”.  While “most 2.4 GHz technologies are having challenges meeting range demands, and those with sub-GHz are facing limited output power… Z-Wave LR is a technology developed by Z-Wave Alliance that significantly enhances the capabilities of the Z-Wave wireless IoT mesh protocol by allowing up to +30 dBm transmit power, large network node support, and up to 10-year coin cell battery life while maintaining Z-Wave backward compatibility and interoperability.”

Matter vs Z-Wave: What You Need to Know

With the multitude of protocols available in today’s smart home landscape, device adoption can lead to compatibility issues, security risks, and performance problems. In

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