Why insurers should take note of the rise in DIY security

DIY-installed monitoring devices are proving to be win-win solutions for insureds and insurers.

The DIY mentality has been a powerful force helping transform technology and home projects for years. But what if DIY went a step further and was applied to security, helping homeowners protect their properties, cash in on insurance savings and lower risk for insurers in the process — sounds appealing, right? We’ll let you in on a little secret — this is already happening thanks to DIY smart home solutions.

Their popularity is only trending upwards. Parks Associates reports that residential security adoption increased to 36% of U.S. households as of Q2 2021, primarily driven by DIY security. And according to research from the Z-Wave Alliance, DIY has become the primary installation method for many products with eight of the top 18 smart home products featuring DIY installs. It’s time insurers embrace this growing trend — for their own benefit and for their customers.

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