Member Release: Introducing Silicon Labs’ New Z-Wave 800 Dev Kit for Easy Smart Home IoT Application Development

Austin, Texas, September 28th, 2022 – Silicon Labs has released a development kit for the Z-Wave 800 Series modules to further simplify the development experience for a broad range of IoT applications. Based on the Silicon Labs ZGM230S SiP module, the new kit utilizes the popular Thunderboard form-factor and provides a range of sensor options including pressure, temperature, and humidity, as well as an ambient light sensor and a Hall effect sensor, among others. The ZGM230S is a small form-factor (6.5 mm x 6.5 mm) SiP module designed to deliver high RF performance and low current consumption, along with industry-leading security features.

Z-Wave has emerged as a popular IoT wireless protocol for smart home device development. Adding the Z-Wave 800 Development Kit complements Silicon Labs’ suite of products and provides developers another option to bring a wide range of low-power, high-performance smart home applications to market quickly. With applications ranging from lighting control to water leak detection and more, our goal is to extend accessibility to IoT functionality and provide developers with a tool that will allow them to prototype applications quickly, regardless of their level of wireless expertise or coding knowledge. Part of this approach is the user-friendly interface, which features two buttons that can be incorporated into applications as well as two LEDs and one RGB LED that can be used to prototype lighting applications. For power-sensitive applications, all sensors featured on the kit are located in separate power domains, which ensures that they can sense while in a very low-power state.

The Z-Wave 800 Dev Kit supports both Z-Wave Long Range and mesh networks and can be used both as the end node and as the controller. This advantage ensures that developers don’t need to buy separate kits for the end node and the controller.

Find more information about these Z-Wave 800 Development Kit. If you have additional questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

Z-Wave Alliance Announces Release of Z-Wave Long Range Specification for European Market

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