Member Release: eConnectSense window handle – Keeps an eye on the window

eConnectSense window handle – Keeps an eye on the window

Hesse, Germany. Light + Building 2022., HOPPE’s ConnectSense eWindow handle offers extensive functions for monitoring window conditions in the smart home. Burglary attempts are reliably detected, and deterrent actions can be triggered immediately. Constant adjustment of handle and window sash position enables reliable (remote) control of the window states in the smart home

Monitoring of window states

In a smart home, the ConnectSense window handle reliably detects burglary attempts at the window and reports them to the smart home control center. In addition, both the position of the handle (closed, tilted, open) and that of the window sash (closed, open) are detected and reported. Integrated into a smart home system, the ConnectSense window handle thus offers extensive functions for monitoring the window states in the building – if the system is configured accordingly, even on the go via a smartphone message.

Detects attempts to break in the window

A specially developed algorithm can distinguish between an actual burglary attempt (e.g. opening the window) and an accidental shock (e.g. by children playing ball). As soon as the handle detects a burglary attempt, deterrent measures can be triggered via the smart home control center. These actions can be individually configured by the user in the smart home system and can include, for example, shutting down the roller shutters, switching on the lighting, an alarm siren, or a burglary message to the residents via smartphone message.

More comfort in the smart home

Regardless of the burglary attempt detection, the ConnectSense eFenstergriff can be used to define further scenarios that can make a home more energy-saving and comfortable. The constant adjustment of the handle and window sash position leads to the fact that it is precisely recognized whether a window is actually open or whether only the handle may be in the open position without the window sash being moved. For example, the heating or air conditioning system can be set to automatically downregulate when ventilation occurs. Or the roller shutters may only close automatically when the terrace door is closed. Further scenarios are possible – depending on the structure of the smart home system and the preferences of the residents.

High transmission security due to standard radio protocol Z-Wave Plus

The ConnectSense eWindaction handle works with the standard Z-Wave Plus radio protocol. It is therefore equipped with the current “S2” security standard and, in combination with a Z-Wave Plus smart home control panel, establishes encrypted communication. The handle is backwards compatible and can therefore also be integrated into existing Z-Wave networks.

The ConnectSense eFenstergriff can be operated in any Z-Wave network with other certified Z-Wave devices from other manufacturers. Many Z-Wave devices can take over the function of a repeater, thereby increasing the reliability and range of the network.

To ensure the transmission of the signal at all times, the ConnectSense window handle sends a signal when the handle is actuated, when a burglary attempt is detected and additionally at regular intervals (e.g. every hour). The radio signal is sent until the smart home control center confirms the reception.

The power supply is low maintenance via a battery with a service life of about two years.

Timeless design

The battery and circuit board are hidden inside the handle. An end cap made of high-quality plastic ensures unhindered transmission of the radio signal.

The ConnectSense window handle is available in the popular angle shape of the Amsterdam series. In addition to the classic colors matt stainless steel (F69) and traffic white (F9016), it is available in the trend color matt black (F9714M).

Also available with tested burglary protection

The models with lockable rosette meet the requirements of the European standards DIN EN 1627-1630 (resistance classes RC 1-6) in conjunction with the appropriate window element in conjunction with the appropriate window element and thus offer tested burglary protection in addition to burglary test detection.

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The HOPPE Group is the European market leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of hardware systems for doors and windows. Founded in 1952 and based in Switzerland, the family-owned company employs more than 3,100 people worldwide. It is run by Wolf Hoppe and Christoph Hoppe in the second generation, with Christian Hoppe the first representative of the third generation active here.


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