Certification overview

Certification Tutorial

The Z-Wave Alliance Certification Portal is the online tool form where you submit products for Z-Wave Certification. The Portal and the associated certification programs are updated twice a year to comply with the most recent specifications.

It is highly recommended that the Portal and the Compliance Test Tool (CTT) is used during product development and early implementation of Z-Wave functionalities and requirements.

Click below for a basic introduction to the Certification Portal:

The new Z-Wave Compliance Test Tool version 3 (CTTv3) automates test cases for the Z-Wave Plus v2 certification program. Not only does this simplify self-certification it also reduces the test time needed, increasing your speed to market. CTTv3 is integrated with the Z-Wave Certification Portal and the information you provide in the Certification Form on the Portal will pre-select the required tests for your specific product in CTTv3.

Click below to view an informative video on the new CTTv3:

The CTTv3 can be downloaded via the Z-Wave Certification Portal at https://certification.z-wavealliance.org/. Login required. For assistance, contact certadmin@z-wavealliance.org.

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