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The Z-Wave End Device Emulator is a tool that allows the emulation of fully functioning Z-Wave End Devices which can be included and controlled in a Z-Wave network like any real Z-Wave device. Users can select from a set of pre-configured devices or create their own ones. The Emulator UI allows configuring the Device and Role Types, the supported Command Classes as well as other features of the emulated devices. The Emulator is a sandbox tool for Z-Wave Controller developers that can be used during development and self testing.
The Emulator is aimed to support developers in creating Z-Wave Controllers with proper functioning UIs for controlling Z-Wave End Devices. The Emulator should mitigate the need for buying a large set of Z-Wave End Devices as counterparts for developing and testing Controller devices. The flexibility of the emulated devices ensures that feature corner cases can be taken into account that are difficult to test with the limited and fixed feature set of real-life Z-Wave devices.

 The Emulator works independently from the Certification Portal and the Compliance Test Tool and can be downloaded from here.

The Z-Wave Alliance Certification Portal is the online tool form where you submit products for Z-Wave Certification. The Portal and the associated certification programs are updated twice a year to comply with the most recent specifications.

It is highly recommended that the Portal and the Compliance Test Tool (CTT) is used during product development and early implementation of Z-Wave functionalities and requirements.

Click below for a basic introduction to the Certification Portal:

The new Z-Wave Compliance Test Tool version 3 (CTTv3) automates test cases for the Z-Wave Plus v2 certification program. Not only does this simplify self-certification it also reduces the test time needed, increasing your speed to market. CTTv3 is integrated with the Z-Wave Certification Portal and the information you provide in the Certification Form on the Portal will pre-select the required tests for your specific product in CTTv3.

Click below to view an informative video on the new CTTv3:

The CTTv3 can be downloaded via the Z-Wave Certification Portal at https://certification.z-wavealliance.org/. Login required. For assistance, contact certadmin@z-wavealliance.org.

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