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Certification of devices to Z-Wave standards is required as part of the Trademark and Distribution License agreement and every device must pass a series of tests to ensure that it is compliant prior to the device being marketed or sold commercially.

In order to secure interoperability there is a straight-forward Z-Wave certification program in place that consists of 2 mandatory components:

1. Technical Certification

2. Market Certification

Both components must be successfully completed before a device certification number can be issued and products can feature the Z-Wave interoperability logo badges. The Z-Wave Plus logo on a product or package assures customers, consumers, dealers, integrators and service providers that the products will reliably perform with all Z-Wave certified products, designed for the same region.

Z-Wave Certification Process

1. Membership of Z-Wave Alliance. In order to certify products, companies must join the Z-Wave Alliance at the Manufacturer level or higher. Brander members may brand and adopt certified products and may hold a license to use Z-Wave certification marks, but cannot submit their own products for certification. For full information on membership, please review this page. In order to take advantage of all the Z-Wave Alliance benefits this step should be considered early in your development process. Please be sure to include your marketing team to ensure compliance with the marketing requirements, logos, packaging and paper inlays.

2. Z-Wave Certification Portal. Once membership in the Z-Wave Alliance has been established, register for a user account here.

On the Z-Wave Certification Portal, read the information in the “Getting Started” section. Here you will find step-by-step instructions to help you create a certification case.

3. Compliance Test Tool. Download the Compliance Test Tool (CTT) from the Z-Wave Certification Portal and use it during product development to test and verify your Z-Wave implementation (login required).

4. Send your Product to Certification Testing. After ensuring your product is Z-Wave compliant, finalize and submit your form on the Z-Wave Certification Portal. A case number is automatically assigned and once your submission has been reviewed and approved, you can start working with one of our independent test houses.

5. Market Certification. Start your Market Certification as soon as you have a case number.

6. Z-Wave Certification is done. Once the device has passed the technical tests AND the Market Certification has been approved by the Z-Wave Alliance a Z-Wave certification number is issued and you can now launch your product into the interoperable Z-Wave ecosystem.

For detailed information please read the Z-Wave Certification Overview 

Z-Wave Certification Support

Z-Wave Certification Team for questions regarding the overall certification process or questions regarding certification interoperability testing done by the independent test partners: CertAdmin@Z-WaveAlliance.org

The Chip vendor Support Team or local Field Application Engineer for questions regarding the Z-Wave Protocol, Command Class implementation or specification issues.

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