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Z-Wave Alliance Announces ZWLR Certification Milestone and Successful Z-Wave Summit & Unplug Fest

Beaverton, OR – May 28, 2024 – The Z-Wave Alliance, the standards development organization dedicated to advancing the smart home and Z-Wave® technology, today

Year in Review: From Code to Certifications Z-Wave is Breaking Records & Charting a Course for Continued Growth

2023 has been anything but stagnant for Z-Wave. Buoyed by 2022’s massive accomplishment of completing the source code project, the technical advancements and contributions

Diving into Open Source with Andrew Hayden from Alarm.com

The Z-Wave Alliance was founded with a core mission of developing the Z-Wave Technology Platform. The Platform continues to evolve thanks to the work

2022: The Year of the Smart Home

Where Do We Go from Here?! Twenty-Twenty-Two – The year of the Smart Home as purported by nearly every industry data report and anecdotally