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Matter 1.0 is here, and Z-Wave is accelerating which is why Bridging will matter to both protocols and smart home consumers, everywhere.

Z-Wave has long been considered the leading smart home protocol for battery life, interoperability, and performance, and today there is a new spec on

2022: The Year of the Smart Home

Where Do We Go from Here?! Twenty-Twenty-Two – The year of the Smart Home as purported by nearly every industry data report and anecdotally

Z-Wave Member Corner: Quality, Reliability, Interoperability

WiDom Continues to Build Forward on Z-Wave This fall Z-Wave Alliance Member, WiDom, will celebrate their 10th anniversary an important milestone for any company

What’s the Matter with Z-Wave?

Why do we need a new standard? We already have so many to choose from! As the cartoon says, we have so many that