Member Release: WiDom Presents New Products and Features at Light & Building

Light + Building 2022 – WiDom Srl, the Italian manufacturer of smart devices has already obtained the Z-Wave 700 Series certification for the first devices of its product line and will soon complete the new certification for the existing modules, with novelties both in terms of features and of new products.

Loyal to the Italian tradition, the quality standards are kept at their highest, together with sensitivity toward energy efficiency. One of the first products that passed the 700 series certification is, in fact, the Energy Driven Switch C 7, an advanced energy meter that can monitor and manage the consumption, but also the production where available of the entire home.

Another remarkable module, that just passed the 700 series certification, is the Smart Dry Contact Switch 7 and its variants, which can be used in conventional systems but can also for the control of equipment’s with independent power supply.

WiDom is finalizing the certification process for all its modules range, consisting of the Smart Double Switch 7, an actuator with two independent channels, Smart Roller Shutter 7 which can control any type of motor, Smart TE Dimmer, 4 Channel RGBW controller, Single Switch with advanced metering features. Some of the devices are designed in different variants for offering a wide range of choice to the end users based on their electric system or devices already in use.

A unique feature that is worth evidencing within the improvements and novelties of the product line is the Offline Setup Mode, which allows to carry out the main setups of a system (e.g. type of switch, timer, calibrations, etc.) even without the presence of a controller. The configurations will not be lost after adding the device to the controller.

In addition to the high-quality standards, other features that have been WiDom devices’ flagships are: the extremely small size, with measures like 37x37x17mm, the devices are the smallest worldwide and this can make the difference during wire connections and in wall installation; the contact protection technology, Zero crossing which ensures a longer duration of the devices;  very low power consumption of the modules which enhances the overall efficiency; an RGB Led visible through the integrated button, helps the installer to quicky and simply monitor the devices operation during inclusion/exclusion or understand the status related information.

The Z-Wave 700 certification sets a further step towards the higher security level and immediate installation, as the devices differently from the previous series, are pre-equipped with Security S2 and SmartStart technology. The performance is also improved due to a higher calculation capacity and greater memory.

Furthermore, the devices use robust relays (16Amp) so they able to manage heavy loads, are equipped with timer management features, and are flexible in terms of use with different kinds of loads.

The technology department continuously studies and experiments innovative and high-quality solutions.

Over the years Widom, has operated in numerous occasions as Technology Provider and has supported third companies in SW/HW development and documentation related to the Z-Wave certification.

An interesting occasion for discovering WiDom’s smart devices and solutions and meet members of the team, will be the presence of the company at the International Exhibition, Light & Building, held in Frankfurt from 2-6 October, Hall 9.0 booth E40.

About WiDom Srl

WiDom Srl is a member of Z-Wave alliance since 2012 and its team of engineers, aim to design and develop smart wireless home automation devices and solutions as they believe that home automation is an opportunity for improving people’s daily lives. Since the beginning of year 2020, WiDom has become part of Cherubini group, leader in the production and distribution of moving sun protection systems that successfully manages 6 international branches together with the main production facility in Italy.

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About Z-Wave

The Z-Wave protocol is an interoperable, wireless, RF-based communications technology designed specifically for control, monitoring and status reading applications in residential and light commercial environments. With more than 4000 certified products and over 100 million products sold worldwide, Z-Wave is by far the world market leader in wireless control. The Z-Wave Alliance has been the authoritative presence in the wireless home controls marketplace, and interoperable Z-Wave technology through setting the standards of high quality and guarantee.

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