Member Release: Smarter Home Today: HELTUN Products Are Now Integrated with Homey

All ‘Impossibly Smart’ HELTUN products are now supported by Homey adding extra functionality of controlling all your smart home devices from a single Homey app.

Yerevan, Armenia / Enschede, Netherlands, Aug 1, 2022 HELTUN is a manufacturer of future-proof smart home products built with a strong focus on design, functionality, and customer support. Advanced Zero Cross technology introduced in all HELTUN devices is a unique feature that increases both the lifetime of a device, and any connected appliances by preventing the relays from being worn out at the moment of a power-up. Furthermore, all HELTUN devices are Z-Wave Plus® v2 certified and contain a 700-series chip which provides extra encryption and the highest security with the new S2 framework.

Homey is a smart home hub that allows users to access their smart devices, control, automate and monitor their entire smart home from a single place, anywhere in the world. The smart home hub links to 50,000+ smart devices, including those from HELTUN and other leading brands such as  Sonos, Xiaomi, Fibaro, Philips Hue, and IKEA to name a few.

Use Flows to Unlock Potential of Regular Wall Switches

Replace your old, outdated wall switches with HELTUN programmable Touch Panel Switches to add smart control to your home lighting, electric outlets, motorized blinds, door locks, gates, or valves. Touch Panel Switches are the only smart switches that support up to 5 connected devices staying ‘Impossibly Thin’ on the wall yet packed with features to provide ultimate remote control and advanced configuration options.

Connect the HELTUN Touch Panel with Homey to create the ultimate smart home experience using Flows. For example, create a Flow using your Touch Panel so you could activate a night mode to shut your window blinds, switch off the lights, close the gate and garage door, start eco night heating mode and activate the alarm by pressing just one button on the Touch Panel Switch.

Comfortable and Energy Saving Heating Any Time

Wouldn’t it be great to configure heating scenarios for your room and floor temperatures based on your habits and schedule? Heating Thermostat by HELTUN is elegantly designed and ‘Impossibly Smart’ providing Internet control and smart configurability of your home heating system to reduce bills and maintain the constant room and floor temperatures.

Create a Flow with Homey and use voice assistants Alexa and Siri to schedule and control your intelligent HELTUN thermostat in real-time, associate the Heating Thermostat with your open window sensor to save energy costs, or even set up a geofencing feature so that the heating would always be ready just as you arrive home.

All HELTUN devices now Talk with Homey

Among the other HELTUN products that now ‘Talk with Homey,’ is the only Fan Coil Thermostat certified by Z-Wave Alliance, as well as “Quinto”, the only 5-relay smart switch on the market that makes your ‘dumb’ socket smart.

Last, but not the least of supported devices is HELTUN’s 2-in-1 High Load Switch with Thermostat Functions that fits easily behind outlets in standard electrical junction boxes or in a circuit breaker panel connected to heating systems or entire banks of lights and outlets making them ‘Impossibly Smart’ with over the Internet monitoring, control, and advanced programmability. The High Load Switch adds safety to your home by protecting against overloads, overheating, overvoltage, and voltage drop, and provides additional children’s safety protection.

The HELTUN App for Homey is a powerful combination that connects HELTUN’s deep engineering expertise reflected in its fault-proof smart home hardware products to Homey’s intuitive smart home experience and exhaustive connectivity options, building a solid foundation for future products to be seamlessly integrated with HELTUN as well.


HELTUN is an Armenian-US high tech hardware company focusing on Smart Home solutions. The company first redefined home comfort control with future-proof smart programmable thermostats and switches, boasting the most advanced features and functionality on the market. HELTUN is the first company to achieve the Z-Wave 700 platform certification for all available Z-Wave frequencies worldwide offering products that are ‘Impossibly Thin’ on the wall, yet ‘Impossibly Smart,’ packed with premium features. For more information, please visit

About Homey:

Launched in 2014, Homey was developed by Athom B.V., a privately held, Dutch technology company with a mission to make the smart home easy and fun for everyone. Homey creates the ultimate smart home experience by unifying all home devices in a single app, regardless of brand or technology. Homey is compatible with 50K+ devices from over 1,000 brands and allows users to customize their entire home experience based on their habits. The new Homey Bridge hardware device can be added to link devices that aren’t connected to the cloud. Homey’s technology has won several awards and placed first in the EIT Digital Idea Challenge. For more information, please visit

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