Member Press Release: Aeotec Unveils Cutting-Edge Z-Wave 800 Series Innovations at IFA 2023 in Berlin

Berlin, Germany – August 29, 2023 – Aeotec, a global leader in smart home technology, is proud to announce the launch of three groundbreaking Z-Wave 800 Series products at this year’s IFA exhibition in Berlin. These innovative additions to Aeotec’s Works with SmartThings product portfolio reaffirm the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for a smarter and more efficient connected home with Z-Wave.

At IFA 2023, attendees can experience groundbreaking products firsthand at the Aeotec Works with SmartThings booth, where the Aeotec Group will also be joined by esteemed partners, including the Z-Wave manufacturers MCO Home, Aquascope, Hoppe, and Fibaro. Together, they will showcase the latest innovations and integrations that leverage Z-Wave technology to create a seamless and interconnected smart home ecosystem.

1. Z-Module for 10-Year Smoke Detectors: A Game-Changer in Home Safety

Aeotec’s Z-Wave module for the market leading EI electronics 10-year smoke detectors is set to redefine home safety. Designed to seamlessly integrate with EI electronics EI650iW smoke detectors, this module enhances the capabilities of smoke alarms in Z-Wave smart homes. Users can now receive instant notifications on their smartphones in case of fire emergencies, ensuring their families and homes are protected. In combination with the remarkable 10-year Smoke detector by EI electronics, it provides long-lasting peace of mind for homeowners.

2. TriSensor 8 – Fundamental 3-in-1 Motion Sensor with 800 series

The Fundamental 3-in-1 motion sensor introduces a new era of intelligent sensing. Combining motion detection, light level measurement, and temperature sensing in a single device, this sensor delivers precise and versatile automation possibilities. Whether it’s optimizing lighting, adjusting thermostats, or enhancing security, this sensor empowers users to create a truly smart and responsive home environment. With the Z-Wave 800 series the battery life and range is improved by more than 40% compared to previous models.

3. Home Energy Meter: Unleash the Power of Energy Efficiency

Aeotec’s Home Energy Meter empowers homeowners to take control of their energy consumption and production. With real-time energy monitoring and advanced analytics, users can identify energy-hungry appliances, reduce wastage, and make informed decisions to save on energy costs. This device not only promotes energy efficiency but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

“We are excited to unveil our Z-Wave 800 Series products at IFA 2023,” said Denis Paetz, Head of Product Management at Aeotec. “These innovations embody our commitment to delivering solutions that enhance safety, comfort, and sustainability in smart homes. We invite everyone to visit our booth and explore how Aeotec and its partners are shaping the future of the smart home industry.”

Aeotec invites all attendees and media representatives to visit their booth at IFA 2023, located at Hall 22 booth 208, to experience these cutting-edge products and explore the limitless possibilities of a smarter, more connected future.

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About Aeotec:
Aeotec is a global leader in smart home technology, dedicated to creating innovative solutions that enhance the quality of life for homeowners. With a strong focus on Z-Wave technology, Aeotec’s products are designed to make homes smarter, safer, and more efficient. To learn more about Aeotec and its range of smart home solutions, visit .

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