System and Network Engineering Srl

System and Network Engineering srl is a System Integrator. We offer technological solutions with high added value for medium and large enterprise systems. We specialize in several areas (Cloud and Private Cloud Services, Unified Communication Services, Virtualization for Desktop Clients & Server, IT Security, Data Protection, Backup, Storage and Disaster Recovery, ecc).
We deal with home automation systems, fully wireless, and provide multiple solutions focusing the attention to environment, energy efficiency and intelligent control consumption.
• Integrated Systems of Building Management
• Energy Saving
• GSE Projects
• Personalised Configurations
System and Network Srl operates in the energy efficiency sectors, with particular focus on the energy requalification of buildings and the integrated management of electrical and technological systems.
Types of interventions
– Led relamping and system automation;
– Cogeneration and Trigeneration;
– Installation of high efficiency electric motors;
– Installation of remote control, monitoring and consumption analysis systems;
– Installation of heat pump air conditioning systems;
– Improvements in the energy performance of building envelopes (insulation, windows, solar radiation control);
– Energy storage systems (thermal and electrical)


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