Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co., Ltd

iSurpass is a high-tech group corporation integrating research& development, manufacturing, and technical services. (Affiliated companies: Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co.,Ltd. (Head Office), Dongguan iSurpass Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.(manufacturing), Tecus (Shenzhen)Technology Co.,Ltd. (sales), Shenzhen iFocus Technology Development Center ((limited partnership) (R&D)). Since its establishment, the corporation has focused on researching new technologies for the Internet of Things, Manufacturing, operating services, and other businesses, providing the technology, solutions, and integrated products for the Internet of Things, smart homes, and security services. The system covers various wireless technologies and products such as Zwave, WIFI, NBIOT, and BLE; it also provides overall IoT solutions in multiple fields.

The Zwave field is an essential product line of our company; after years of research and development and marketing and promotion, the company has now formed a very mature system and product line. Our company has not only its own cloud platform: isurpass IOT; but also an isurpass pro APP software, launching different PC management platforms for various industries. The current system supports English, French, Vietnamese, Japanese, Polish, and other language versions.

In terms of hardware manufacturing, the Zwave gateway, Zwave smart lock, Zwave smart switch, Zwave sensor, and other equipment developed and produced by us have outstanding technical and manufacturing advantages. We also carry out OEM OEM design and manufacturing for lots of customers at the same time.

Today, our systems and products have served partners across more than 60 countries and regions worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Portugal, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Kuwait. We focus on providing a complete set of systems and OEM and ODM services for our partners.


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