Sensative AB

Company information: Sensative AB started in Lund, Sweden in 2013, when the founders participated in an open-innovation contest with the ambitious idea of providing invisible sensors to the market. This idea grew into the company. Today the founders and owners; Fredrik Westman, Mats Pettersson and Anders Hedberg work together with a great team with vast experience from the mobile and other industries to create innovative smart home solutions for everyday use.

Product information: Sensative’s first product on the market is an ultra-thin window/door sensor called Strips. At just under 3mm this extremely thin sensor can be mounted between the window/door and its frame, making it invisible to the end user. Strips gives the customer greater sense of awareness & security in an attractively designed sensor that enables them to see if their windows and doors are closed as they leave their house, as well to be alarmed if someone is trying to break in.

Strips is less than 3 mm thick, contains a built-in battery with an estimated life time of up to 10 years depending on conditions. You’ll never need to worry about changing or charging the battery with Strips. Our basic version comes with magnet and temperature sensing functionality. We also have a more advanced version that adds vibration sensing functionality. Because of Strips’ unique design, new user applications for protecting valuables in the home such as paintings, TVs, documents, and even drawers where you keep your jewelry are possible.

Strips is patent approved in Sweden and the PCT for the rest of the world is filed and pending as of May, 2015. We believe that our ultra-thin sensor marks a paradigm shift for window and door sensors by creating a peace of mind for home owners in their everyday lives without affecting the aesthetics of the home.

For more information, please visit our web site.

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