Radios, Inc.

Radios, Inc. is a privately held Florida corporation. Radios, Inc. was created to meet the rapidly increasing demand for turn-key wireless solutions and designs. Radios, Inc. handles national and international marketing and sales for a variety of wireless products including, but not limited to, RF modules, development systems, reference designs, and RF courses. Our technicians and engineers are available to provide support and testing services for all wireless products sold by Radios, Inc., and also to assist customers interested in designing and manufacturing custom and standard RF applications. The close relationship Radios, Inc. has with its mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing affiliates enables us to offer our customers some of the most competitive prices in the industry, along with superior technical assistance. Corporate Mission It is undisputed that the RF industry is a growth industry and that the demand for, and profit to be made from, wireless products is reaching record levels. In this competitive market, Radios, Inc. understands that its customers are looking for products and design assistance that will allow them to make their time-to-market as short and cost-effective as possible. That is why Radios, Inc. makes a threefold commitment to its customers: competitive prices, superior quality products, and courteous customer service. The engineering, manufacturing, and technical support services provided by Radios, Inc. affiliates through all phases of product design and production will also provide invaluable assistance to your product development. Radios, Inc. knows that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer, and its salespeople will make every effort to ensure that your experience doing business with us is a good one.


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