The Qolsys IQ Panel transforms the security and home-control industry, by radically re-thinking the platform architecture and leveraging the Android OS and ecosystem. The industry’s first self-contained security platform that is an open compute platform with applications, six wireless radios, a 7” touchscreen and other system breakthroughs, delivers unprecedented levels of security and seamless upgradeability.

Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Qolsys has partnered with best-in-class providers Google’s Android, Foxconn, Alarm.com and Verizon, in bringing this innovative solution to the security and home control market.

The built-in IQ camera takes system disarm photos and records video during alarm events and video memos. An SD Card slot enables uploading of user content for the photo-frame screensaver. A dealer “Quick install” app speeds installations. It delivers an intuitive panel sticky for dealers and end-users.

The IQ solution intelligently monitors the health of all major subsystems and repairs itself when necessary.  And includes a built-in library of “How To” video tutorials and FAQs, reducing the number of inbound dealer calls and home visits.

Intelligent Dual-Path Connectivity delivers dynamic communication over cellular and broadband, enabling seamless Upgrade Services with sophisticated failover and recovery capabilities. OTA updates deliver many features such as custom text to speech and language localization.

The IQ Panel is always connected to monitoring stations and end-users enabling the built-in cellular, Z-Wave and ZigBee modules to deliver a robust home control solution.

The IQ Panel re-defines the security and home control standard. All-in-one. Alwhttp://qolsys.com/ays connected.

For more information, please visit our web site.

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