LiveSmart Technologies LLC

LiveSmart Technologies was founded by Gary Russell, a systems engineer and program manager executive with 40 years of experience developing solutions to complex technological challenges. Such is the case with modern home automation and its multiple protocols, brands and software.

The multitude of DIY (Do It Yourself) packages in the marketplace today is daunting for most buyers, leaving the majority of home and business owners overwhelmed and underserved.

The LiveSmart solution is the product of Gary’s effort to create a simple, yet feature-rich, home automation system. He wanted a solution robust enough that it could respond to any number of environmental and user triggers, but so easy to use that the least tech-savvy among us could enjoy the benefits.

That system is now a reality.
Our local installers provide home and business owners complete installation services for a comprehensive suite of automation hardware, including Remote Climate Control, Security Video Monitoring, Automatic Lock Control, Sensor Monitoring, and more. LiveSmart builds its leading-edge technology solutions using the universal Z-wave home control protocol, ensuring its clients a standard of support and flexibility unavailable to DIY automation units.

Ongoing Support
We also stay with you after the system is in your home or business providing service and support as you need it. The “MyLiveSmart” customer portal provides at-a-glance health on your system and all the info you need to keep your systems running in top condition.

For more information visit our website.

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