LEEDARSON IoT Technology Inc.

THE LEEDARSON EVOLUTION There is an evolution occurring in the Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s from LEEDARSON. As the world’s leading LED manufacturer, LEEDARSON has taken that experience and expertise and evolved into an IoT product manufacturing powerhouse. Their rapid ascent has been nothing short of remarkable. Founded in China in 2000 as a trading company, the next year LEEDARSON established a R&D Center and its first CFL manufacturing base. By 2005, LEEDARSON expanded their manufacturing base to include LED lamps and fixtures. Recognizing the future in IoT, they began connected lighting research in 2011 and by the next year, 2012, Leedarson was the first Chinese manufacturer to have ZigBee Certified LED connected lighting products. Well established and respected in the residential space, by 2014, LEEDARSON quickly expanded their capabilities to meet the growing demand in the commercial and industrial sectors. Soon after, LEEDARSON evolved their capabilities to include the full array of IoT products. Today, Leedarson manufactures and exports over 300 Million pieces of lighting and IoT products annually. As the world’s leader in IoT product manufacturing, LEEDARSON excels in smart connected lighting, gateways, multiprotocol gateways, sensors, controllers and accessories. LEEDARSON is best-in-class and works closely with the biggest brands in IoT, providing them with the quality of products their consumers expect. LEEDARSON lives by the motto, “We build your success in IoT.” Those words drive them to stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation because they know it’s what they must do and what their customers demand. LEEDARSON’S approach to IoT product development and manufacturing is unique. It’s not from an engineering point-of-view, like most manufacturers, but using a “consumer centric approach.” That means offering not only great IoT products to their brand customers, but full IoT solutions, allowing for a “plug and play” mentality. These full solutions are designed for ease-of-use and geared toward real-world applications for lighting, security and home automation. LEEDARSON also develops intuitive, feature rich, mobile applications and robust and dependable cloud services. What really sets LEEDARSON apart is their unsurpassed value proposition. It starts with an impressive portfolio of products. Their smart connected lighting includes lamps and fixtures that have the capabilities of Good (On/Off/Dim), Better (Tunable White) and Best (RGBW), meeting the requirements of their residential, commercial and industrial customers. They offer an exceptional selection of innovative sensors for both intrusion and environmental applications. Their gateways and multiprotocol gateways are designed to be headache free with options for plug-in and tethered, via Ethernet. They offer wireless controls and switches that are hand-held, in-wall and retrofit. And they have accessories that make you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” If there is a product LEEDARSON doesn’t have and their customer needs it, they will develop it in short order. It’s what they do. Their product performance is top-tier with full, saturated colors in lighting and excellent functionality and RF performance consistent throughout all of their IoT products. LEEDARSON provides a hands-on approach to their product support with the mentality of “Anywhere / Any time.” And their products are interoperable with the leading ecosystems on the market. Their manufacturing bases and processes have been successfully audited by the most stringent standards. And with 99% of the product manufacturing done in-house, they have full control of their quality processes. With their unmatched time-to-delivery, LEEDARSON still remains incredibly cost-effective. As the Internet of Things grows and evolves, so will the LEEDARSON Evolution. That’s because they have a responsibility to their customers. That’s because at LEEDARSON, “We build your success in IoT.”

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