homee GmbH

Our modular gateway called “homee” combines popular wireless protocols like Z-Wave, ZigBee and EnOcean into one system. Thus, making it one of the most open Smart Home solutions on the market.
Key to our system is the modular concept using different cubes. Each cube extends the homee system with one of the wireless protocols mentioned above. Once a new technology enters the market, a new cube will simply be created – that makes homee in particular future-proof. For our customers it simply means: combine more than 700 smart devices in just one system, control your home with just one app.
homee was originally invented in 2012 by Stuttgart based agency Codeatelier GmbH. In 2018, an independent homee GmbH was founded in Berlin, Germany. While Codeatelier GmbH is still responsible for hardware and software development, homee GmbH takes care of marketing, logistics, sales, business development and support.

For more information, please visit our web site. 

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