Hogar Controls

Hogar Controls is the manufacturer of the Hogar Controls Smart Home system. Hogar Controls is one of the newest, complete and most advanced smart home systems available on the market. We are located in London, UK and with the help of distributors we export our products to over 20 different countries.

Our Smart Home System comes complete with a 3D Touch Button – Pebble, which will make your home come alive with one touch. 1 button- 10 actions – Unlimited possibilities. Our other products include an all-in-one Smart Home Controller Wall Pad, Home Controller Mini, Hotel box, Touch Panels, Sockets, Multi Room Audio Video Controls, Insert Modules, Sensors, Video Intercom, AV & HVAC Controls.


For more information, please visit our web site or find us on social media @Facebook@Youtube@Twitter , @Google, and @Pinterest

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