Founded in 2010, Evolvere is the leader in the distributed generation of renewable photovoltaic energy and first in Italy with over 60.000 domestic implants. Evolvere is the largest Italian community for prosumer clients, in the field of renewable energy.

With 11.000 photovoltaic plants directly or indirectly monitored and 50.000 from the Community over the Italian territory, Evolvere supports an innovative and participative business model with the aim of the growth of an efficient and integrated ecosystem, where each player is active in the management and use of PV energy and the main driver are independence and energy savings.

The company offers multiple services, tailored for domestic consumers, as management and monitoring of PV plants, improvement of energy consumption and domestic comfort, grid services, and smart grid services, and an innovative solution for peer-to-peer energy exchange.

Since 2010, Evolvere has contributed to the definition of a new energy standard, by offering innovative services and efficient management, with the ultimate goal of a smart-grid energy community.

Evolvere is in the frontline for a new energy model, favored by the advancement of technology and normative evolution. By taking advantage of its prosumer data, analyzing the behavior and habits of the community, the ultimate goal is the continuous improvement of the offer. The business model of Evolvere is characterized by a strong investment in R&D activity. Evolvere encourages an intense activity of Open Innovation, with partnerships with Institutions, Universities, Companies, and Start-Ups active in the area of Smart Home, Smart Energy, IoT, Data Science,
and Blockchain.

In 2017 Evolvere Group turnover amounted to 27 MLN €, with over 60 employees. More than 90% of active contracts are with domestic clients, and the remaining are small-business clients. Evolvere owns over 7.500 implants and 2.500 are owned by its clients, which receive management,
monitoring, maintenance, and energy efficiency services. Since 2017 Evolvere joined the B-CORP worldwide community for higher standards of Goal, Responsibility and Transparency.

For more information, please visit our web site.

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