Climax Technology

Climax Technology, Ltd was founded in 1985, and has successfully conquered the American, European, and Japanese market with its wide variety of Wireless Security Systems, all developed and manufactured in-house. Climax Technology, Ltd. relentlessly pursues the goal of comprehensive Wireless Security System development. Our focuses span from home, family to healthcare facility security. In fact, the Offender Monitoring System (ankle bracelet that tracks parolees’ activities) was a collaborative effort with the U.S. government. Moreover, Climax dedicated to develop variety Z-Wave products such as PSS, DC and IR security accessories. It is our aspiration here at Climax to be better than perfect. Every product developed by our specialists has received numerous international recognitions and awards, but that has never stifled our drive to constantly challenge ourselves, to pursue excellence, to provide the best products for our clients. In doing so, we fulfill manifesto, “human interests and safety through advanced Wireless Security System”.

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