Black Nova

Black Nova is a leading Artificial Intelligence, Design Touch Panels and Building Automation Group with a solid and unrelenting focus on the Global Hospitality, Marine and Residential Industry.
Emerging technologies are able to provide buildings with a brain making them “smart”. Home automation systems allow lights and appliances to automatically adjust through predetermined settings and sensor readings, or to be remotely controlled by smart devices.

At Black Nova, we believe that just being “smart” is not enough. The ability to feel is an essential quality missing in any living space. In order to learn from your habits, recognize your mood, and anticipate your wants, the building needs a heart.

With the help of AI and IoT technology, we’re able to give it one. Creativity is at the heart of who we are. We love to design our products, paying attention to every single detail while using the highest quality materials. We utilize the latest technology to unite our products into one invisible yet powerful IoT ecosystem. It supports a wide-range of third-party systems and devices, making connectivity flawless and secure. Lighting, HVAC, communication, entertainment, and security systems all work seamlessly together.
We want your home to get to know you better. Using big data and predictive algorithms, we give any living space the ability to feel, making this connection become a reality. It’s an unprecedented level of safety and comfort.

For more information, please visit our web site.

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