Airzone – Corporacion Empresarial Altra

Airzone has been developing HVAC control solutions for more than 20 years, for end users, HVAC/ BMS manufacturers.

From our factory in Málaga (Spain) we design, manufacture, and export our HVAC control solutions globally, being our main markets Europe, North America and Australia.

Our portfolio ranges from BMS integration gateways (KNX, Modbus, Z-wave, API Rest, API Cloud …) with the main DX manufacturers, to complete control systems that allow the users to zone a ducted unit. The Airzone solutions can manage both the air (DX or fan coils) and radiant (underfloor heating / cooling, radiator, …) stages in each room of their home / office with only one thermostat per zone. All our solutions are developed and validated in collaboration with the manufacturer, and in some cases, we supply OEM solutions to them.

Airzone employs nearly 400 people. Airzone brand is a part of Corporacion Empresarial Altra.

The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between the HVAC and the end users, to improve their comfort and the efficiency of any HVAC system, while keeping up the pace with the IT world.

For more information,  visit our website.

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