Cyber Trust, AI, & Convergence – OH MY!

This year’s Z-Wave Alliance Summit is coming in with all the hot topics that IoT professionals are a buzz about – market convergence, the role of AI in automation and the latest updates on the Cyber Trust Mark and IoT Security Regulations. Let’s delve into these anticipated sessions that are set to shape the discourse for Summit this year.

The New Era of Automation

A standout session at summit is the panel discussion on “AI and Z-Wave: The New Era of Automation,” which promises to be a deep dive into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the IoT space. This session will bring together a distinguished panel of industry experts, including voices from Home Assistant,, and Silicon Labs, to explore the myriad ways AI can be harnessed within the Z-Wave ecosystem. From enhancing smart security to refining user experiences and streamlining development processes, the panelists will unpack AI’s role in advancing Z-Wave technology, providing attendees with a roadmap to leverage AI for innovation and growth.

Blurring Lines

Another session poised to generate lively discussion is “The Intersection of Commercial and Residential Channels in Smart Home Technology,” led by Ben Thomas from MarketScale. This discussion will spotlight the increasingly blurred lines between commercial and residential smart home applications, a trend with far-reaching implications for Z-Wave professionals. The session will dissect how this convergence influences product design, consumer expectations, market strategies, and more, offering valuable insights for Z-Wave members navigating these overlapping territories.

Navigating IoT Security Regulations

In an era where digital security is paramount, the “Cyber Trust Label and PSV Mark Decoded” session is timely and crucial. This discussion will address the burgeoning landscape of global IoT security regulations and their ramifications for the Z-Wave community. Attendees will learn about the efforts to harmonize certification standards and the strategic implications. Moreover, the session will delve into how these evolving regulations necessitate a strategic pivot in marketing and communication approaches, ensuring that Z-Wave products not only comply with stringent security standards but also align with consumer expectations for trust and safety.

The Z-Wave Alliance Summit & Unplug Fest isn’t just another industry meet-up; it’s a cornerstone for conversations like this, check out the full agenda to see what else is on tap. Don’t forget early bird pricing ends on March 30 so take advantage of that savings and register today.

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