5 Reasons You Can’t Miss Z-Wave Alliance Summit & Unplug Fest

The Z-Wave Alliance Summit & Unplug Fest, is coming up – mark your calendars for April 30 – May 2, 2024, and plan to join us in Austin TX. Summit is more than just an event; it’s a pivotal gathering for anyone invested in the future of smart home.

Unrivaled Testing Opportunities

Want to make sure your device is truly ready to enter the market? Take advantage of one of the best testing environments as part of Unplug Fest. Check your device range and interoperability as part of testing, to ensure they meet the highest standards. Members who attend Unplug Fest will walk away with new techniques and strategies for developing, testing, and optimizing Z-Wave devices.

Direct Access to Z-Wave Experts

Solving technical challenges over email or the phone can get tedious, at the Z-Wave Alliance Summit you can tap into a live, in-person network of Z-Wave experts. Get answers to your technical questions and insights into overcoming common challenges, directly from engineers and bon-a-fide Z-Wave experts.

Build Your Z-Wave Community

The Z-Wave Alliance Summit is your chance to connect with your industry peers. As Z-Wave Member Agnes Lorenz from Zooz put it – “Connecting with other members of the Alliance has been one of our most valuable takeaways from attending. Being a small company, it’s challenging to reach bigger players in the industry to establish partnerships. We were able to start some important conversations and kickstart integrations for our products with much larger companies thanks to some valuable face-to-face time in a less formal setting.”

Free Pass to Get into the Technical Weeds

“Technology changes fast and no one knows this better than Z-Wave Alliance members. Getting to take a few days to dive into all the technical specifications of Z-Wave is valuable for every business. Attending gives you an inside look at what’s ahead from command classes to the latest source code project updates and so much more. Not only that, but you can also participate and help contribute to the evolution of the protocol,” said Kevin Kraus, Z-Wave Alliance Treasurer.

Stay tuned for the full agenda to see all the exclusive sessions that will allow you to get into the technical weeds and bring back valuable insights to your team.

The Invaluable After-Hours Conversations

We all know some of the best conversations happen without a formal agenda. End the day connecting with your Z-Wave friends, discussing the current state and exciting future of Z-Wave Technology.

“Late-night discussions with a mixed group of Z-Wave veterans, newcomers, and complete outsiders comprise some of my favorite summit memories from over the years. It always brings about news and unexpected perspectives. It’s also a safe space to vent and connect over shared expectations and frustrations around the industry,” said Z-Wave Alliance Chairman, Avi Rosenthal.

The Z-Wave Alliance Summit and Unplug Fest promises to be an invaluable experience for anyone involved in the Z-Wave ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a product manager, or interested in getting more involved in the smart home technology industry, this event is for you.

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Z-Wave Alliance Summit & Unplug Fest
April 30 – May 2, 2024
Austin Marriott Downtown
Austin, TX




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