2023 Ecosystem Report

It’s here! The fourth edition of the highly anticipated Z-Wave Ecosystem Report is a look at the growth and challenges for the smart home globally. Fielded in cooperation with Interpret and building on the Z-Wave Alliance’s exploration of the U.S. market in the 2022 Ecosystem Report, this year we take a look at key growth points in the U.S. but journey through the UK, France, and Germany as well. The 2023 Ecosystem Report takes a deep dive into the importance of interoperability, impacts on purchasing behaviors, and assesses primary barriers to smart home device adoption.

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The 2023 Z-Wave Ecosystem Report complete data set is 145-pages of data on both Z-Wave and other smart home standards found in the UK, France, and Germany. These are three large markets for the smart home, but each country has their own nuances to consumer behavior and perspectives on security, comfort, energy savings, as well as purchase channels, installation, and brand loyalty. The complete report, which answers both business and research questions as compiled by Interpret for the Z-Wave Alliance, is available to non-members for $2500.  Click here to purchase or download the additional data set. 

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