Z-Wave Alliance Summit & Unplug Fest

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 | Unplug Fest

Unplug Fest participants will meet in the hotel lobby at 8:45am to walk to the Ann Richards Observation Deck on the Colorado River to commence Long Range testing. After lunch, Interoperability Testing will commence in room 604/605.

Z-Wave Long Range: Expanding Z-Wave into New Markets

Join us for a discussion of how Z-Wave LR is broadening the Z-Wave ecosystem beyond traditional smart home applications into diverse IoT markets and use cases. 

Our expert panelists will discuss the impact of Z-Wave LR on various applications beyond the front door.  From enhancing connectivity in large-scale environments to enabling innovative IoT solutions, learn how Z-Wave LR is driving the evolution of the IoT and paving the way for unprecedented opportunities.


Wednesday, May 1, 2024 | Opening Session & Joint Sessions

Breakfast snacks & refreshments will be available for attendees. 

Speaker: Avi Rosenthal, bluesalve partners & Chairperson of the Z-Wave Alliance Board of Directors

Speakers: Jake Alamat, Silicon Labs & Mariusz Malkowski, Trident IoT

Back by popular demand, let’s talk CHIPS. Open-source development and SDO oversight are driving Z-Wave’s innovation, fostering broader applications, and expanding market reach. Since our last chip conversation in January, Z-Wave has made huge strides like completing the Z-Wave Long Range Specification for Europe. What’s next on the horizon? Hear from Silicon Labs and Trident on what members can expect as Z-Wave continues to grow and develop under the SDO structure.

Speaker: Paulus Schousten, Home Assistant

Open source Z-Wave is living through a renaissance. Paulus Schoutsen is the founder of Home Assistant. He will present why Home Assistant, the 2nd most active open source project in the world, and Z-Wave JS exist and how Z-Wave members can leverage these tools as a catalyst for innovation and market expansion.

Speaker: Ben Thomas, Analyst, MarketScale

It’s time to zero in on how lines continue to blur across the commercial and residential sectors and what that means for product designs, lifecycles, market trends, consumer demands, and of course Z-Wave members. In this session led by Ben Thomas from MarketScale, we’ll take a deeper look at how this convergence is impacting decision-making as well as commissions and revenues across channels.

About MarketScale
MarketScale partners with B2B companies to help them empower their communities to become creators by giving them access to decentralized content creation tools and services. As a company they have deep expertise across many verticals in B2B like Integrated Technology, Hospitality, Healthcare, Transportation, IoT and more.

Speaker: Eric Ryherd, Dr. Z-Wave

Unplug Fest represents the heart of innovation of the Z-Wave Alliance Summit. During this session, we’ll recap the standout moments, the tech triumphs, the obstacles overcome, and the collaborative spirit that continues to define the Z-Wave Alliance.

Attendees can network over lunch in Room 603. 

Speakers: Mike Dow, Silicon Labs & Kevin Kraus, Fortune Brands Innovation

World-wide IoT security regulations are quickly becoming law around the world and will cause companies to struggle with how they will sell their products with all the inevitable variation that will come from different regulatory bodies and certification schemes. This session will explore those regulations, how some organizations are trying to harmonize those standards and provide a single certification, and how those regulations will change how you must securely develop and verify the security of your products supply chain. Additionally, we’ll delve into the impact these new security regulations will have on marketing teams, necessitating strategic adjustments in communication and promotional tactics to align with compliance and consumer trust.

Speaker: Peter Shorty, Trident IoT

The Open Source Z-Wave project is picking up pace and we see more contributors than ever and for the first time in the Z-Wave alliance history we now see new features being developed as a collaboration between vendors in the open source. Learn what is new in the Open Source project and what we do to constantly improve the quality of the stack and applications.

Speakers: Gary Russell, LiveSmart & Kevin Kraus, Fortune Brands Innovation

In the rapidly evolving world of technology integration, finding and connecting with the right customers can be a complex challenge. Z-Wave technology has the potential to be transformative in supporting aging individuals to maintain their independence at home but, what exactly is the market opportunity? Led by a seasoned technology integrator with experience in deploying smart solutions for the aging in place audience, this session promises to blend personal insights with practical strategies. It will deliver a unique perspective on engaging effectively with the aging in place markets, backed by real-world examples and robust data.

Agnes Lorenz, Zooz – Moderator
Paulus Schoutsen, Home Assistant
Gustaf Lonaeus, Alarm.com
Reed Kleinman, SmartHome Solver
Tamas Daranyi, Silicon Labs

This dynamic discussion will bring together a well-rounded panel of industry experts to share their take on how to leverage AI in the IoT space. The panelists will cover AI’s application in smart security, user experience, development process, and open source initiatives. What are the biggest opportunities for Z-Wave companies? Where to start and how to get the most of AI tools for your business and technology? You will gain a multi-faceted understanding of AI’s impact on the future of Z-Wave in this session.

Electric Shuffle
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Austin, TX

Thursday, May 2, 2024 | Working Groups & Closing Session

Breakfast snacks & refreshments will be available for attendees.

Marketing Track (Room 602)

  • How to Work with YouTubers to Boost Your Sales – Reed Kleinman, Smart Home Solver
  • Marketing Committee Working Group 2024 Roadmap, including Global Marketing and ZWLR – Kim Lancaster and Rui Pu 
  • Developer’s Journey – Gustaf Lonaeus, Alarm.com 
  • Applied AI in Marketing – Chuchu Wu, AI Consultant

Technical Track (Room 604/605)

  • Building the Z-Wave SDK 
  • Silicon & Software Roadmap from Silicon Labs & Trident IoT 
  • The Z-Wave Controller Reference Design Amazing RF Range
  • Working Session Command Class/Certification

Lunch will be available in Room 603.

Marketing Track (Room 602)

  • Marketing Events 2024-25 – Kim Lancaster
  • Innovation World Cup – Rui Pu 
  • ZWA External Education & Training Roadmap through 2025 – Kim Lancaster & Avi Rosenthal

Technical Track (Room 604/605)

  • What’s New in Certification
  • Z-Wave LR FLiRS
  • Working session S2V2 Sneak Peek & Cyber Trust Implementation

Speaker, Avi Rosenthal, Chairperson, Z-Wave Alliance Board

The Closing Session will take place in Room 604/605.