Why Z-Wave: Security

Detect. Identify. Prevent. Protect.

Increasing consumer demand for comfort, convenience, safety, and security solutions has driven opportunity for product advancements and rising investments in the global smart home security market. In this eBook, market research confirms that the adoption of connected security devices including motion sensors, door locks, security cameras, and surveillance services are on the top of the list for intruder prevention or other security issues. Furthermore, property owners are looking for systems that can offer interoperability with smart home solutions to provide end-to-end connectivity and control of their homes.  

In the 2022 Z-Wave State of the Ecosystem Report, we surveyed more than 1500 owners of Z-Wave devices, including both security system owners and home automation owners. The data revealed the landscape as it exists today, highlighted current, and future trends, data, and new opportunities, with an emphasis on the role Z-Wave technology plays in the advancement of the industry.

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