Why Z-Wave: Long Range

Z-Wave Long Range (ZWLR) is a wireless communication protocol for applications where long-range, high performance, increased scale, low power, increased device security, simplified routing, and device interoperability are vital.  Z-Wave Long Range delivers professional grade reliability anywhere in a residential or commercial property or even what is commonly being called a distributed campus. Offering a maximum wireless range of 1.5 miles operating at full power of 30dBm, this performance makes ZWLR an ideal solution for primary dwellings, ADUs (adjacent dwelling units), and MDUs (multi-dwelling units). 

Are you a manufacturer or developer looking to add ZWLR to your product ecosystem? What do you want to know? What should you consider? What are the opportunities? How does this all come together? 

Complete the form below to access WHY Z-WAVE LONG RANGE eBook and learn about the opportunities with ZWLR in the U.S. market. Explore findings from real life testing at the Z-Wave UnPlug Fest, review the comparison chart of ZWLR and LoRA, and learn about case uses for ZWLR in both large residential and distributed campus settings.  


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