Why Z-Wave: Builder

New construction has always represented a huge opportunity for the smart home by affording homeowners and integrators alike the chance to thoughtfully plan their technology without having to go through a major remodel. Builders are taking notice, 9 of the top 10 U.S. home builders have standardized smart home devices in all or some of their developments. This sector of the housing market accounts for nearly 30% of annual new home closings.

If you’re a builder whose goal is to supply your custom-home clients with a smart home that just works, you’d be well advised to consider a professional approach: working with a dedicated trade contractor who specializes in creating a fully functional smart home experience. There is a category of subcontractor referred to as both “installer” and “integrator.” The Z-Wave Alliance has started referring to these experts as Professional Technology Installers or PTIs because these subs take on the task of building a connected technology system that can meet a homeowner’s expectations for technology that works reliably and with ongoing support and maintenance. What do you want to know? What should builders consider? What are the opportunities? How does this all come together?

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