Smart Security With Z-Wave

Z-Wave is the most widely used wireless home control standard. There is no area, however, where the use of Z-Wave technology is more prevalent than in the security industry. Z-Wave’s market presence dwarfs all other technologies, as the vast majority of the companies that manufacture panels have selected Z-Wave as their lifestyle technology of choice. 90% of the North American professionally monitored security companies use Z-Wave as their connected lifestyle solutions technology.

The key to Z-Wave’s adoption in the security space is its large ecosystem of certified interoperable products guaranteed by Z-Wave’s stringent certification program. Lights , locks and thermostats are available from many different partners in the ecosystem and they all work together.
Businesses and their customers need to know that they have choices when selecting products, and are not tied to the success and business plans of any one supplier. Z-Wave’s extensive ecosystem provides choice, flexibility and of course, security.