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Connected Aging

Connected Aging

Senior couple with laptop and smartphone sitting on couch

Aging adults want to stay safely in their homes longer. Accessible monitoring, control and alert solutions powered by Z-Wave are making that possible, providing assistance to the wellness and convenience for seniors and their caregivers.

Z-Wave based connected devices, which for example can automatically light the way down a hall at night or ensure a thermostat is always set appropriately, allow a new realm of security, convenience and social features that empowers independent and secure aging in place. Perhaps more importantly, they bring family caregivers new abilities to stay intimately connected, even when they can’t physically be there, creating the most mutually secure and comfortable environment possible for independent aging.

Connected Aging solutions allow family members to be monitored so that events, such as falls, can be detected, and behavioral trends can be identified. Z-Wave allows the same sensors, lights, locks, thermostats used for smart security to provide aging insights.

Use Cases

Behavioral monitoring tools for family management of aging in place – communications, status, alerts

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