WINTER  2019
Note from Mitchell Klien, Executive Director, Z-Wave Alliance

I knew when I started with the Z-Wave Alliance in 2015 that we were on the brink of something huge. The "smart home," "home automation," "connected living" or whatever other terms we see associated with this movement has gone from an early adopter market with a lot of potential to an explosion in consumer and B2B industries. And lucky us - with a full decade of learning, growth and advancements behind us, Z-Wave was perhaps the most prepared of all technologies for the smart home to become a reality. We've known for years that low-power mesh networks wouldn't just be important - they would absolutely necessary for the smart home to succeed. It's no surprise that with the growth and early success of the smart home, the Z-Wave ecosystem has enjoyed early success and continues to expand with the market. 

We decided it was time to put out a formal report of sorts - to benchmark where we've been and where we are going. And while the excitement over connected living is real, the details on what the future looks like are still hazy. We know we will face serious threats to privacy and security of these devices and they are threats we cannot afford to ignore. As we build the Internet of Things for our homes, cities, schools, hospitals and office buildings, we must address the fundamental issues that continue to challenge adoption: ease of installation and use, demonstrating the real benefits of this technology for consumers and of course - the big one - the protection of connected devices from cyber intrusion and data leaks. It won't be one group, company or brand that solves all of these issues. It will require us to work together, to find common ground and understand that a rising tide really does lift all boats. If we want the smart home to become reality, we must work to lift the tide. I am honored to be leading that charge here at the Z-Wave Alliance, with our 700+ strong membership base; I know there is much more work to be done. 


February 5 - February 9, 2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands

April 10 - 12, 2019 Las Vegas, NV
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April 25 - 26, 2019 Olympia, London
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Z-Wave Spring Summit
May 8 - 10, 2019 Amsterdam, NL
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September 12 - 14, 2019 Denver, CO
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Around the web: Top #smarthome + #IoT stories

The beginning of each year is filled with tech news - from both CES and the huge amount of new product launches and large press conferences, to general speculation about what's ahead for the new year and which trends to watch. We've collected what we think are an interesting sampling of stories worth reading as we all try to make sense of the future.
"On paper, 1 billion devices looks like a huge win for the search giant, which has been racing to catch up to Amazon's Alexa over the last two years. Amazon, by comparison, just revealed that more than 100 million Alexa-enabled devices have been sold.

However, it's important to note that a not-insignificant chunk of those 1 billion devices includes Android smartphones that come with Google Assistant pre-installed. But even so, Google's two-year-old assistant would appear to have some impressive momentum on its side."
"Is it just me, or have all the home-automation and IoT "standards" gone quiet this year at CES 2019? Last year, Thread, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth/BLE, Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF with IoTivity) and all the others were clamoring for attention.

This year, they all seem to be playing the quiet game, except for Z-Wave. Here's the rundown of where we stand with smart-home technologies, and what they are planning for CES."

"The predictions span IoT within intelligent homes, personalised delivery, healthcare, as well as smart cities and buildings. Technology adoption is widespread and pervasive and adoption of smart technology is growing.Two out of three (66 percent) of survey respondents said that technology had become "more a part of my life" in 2018. Only three percent said it was 'less important' than a year ago."
Z-Wave 2019: Looking back, and ahead

At CES 2019 the Z-Wave Alliance released its inaugural 2018 End of Year Z-Wave Ecosystem Report highlighting Z-Wave ecosystem growth and recent advancements and a bit of history looking back at the beginning in the mid-00's through 2018. One of the most popular smart home technologies in the market today, the Z-Wave Alliance now has over 700 member companies, 2600+ certified products, and over 100 million dedicated smart home devices in the market. It is the networking solution of choice for thousands of integrators seeking interoperability and product variety for integration in both commercial and residential applications.

The End of Year Z-Wave Ecosystem Report also features several member spotlights to showcase new-to-market technologies introduced to the growing Z-Wave ecosystem of home automation devices. So, what does the future of the smart home look like? 

To discover what's next for Z-Wave innovation, download your free copy of the full report here.

  Meet the Alliance in the Z-Wave Pavilion at #ISE2019

ISE is a cornerstone event for Alliance members to introduce and demonstrate their new IoT solutions to the professional installer community in Europe. Alliance members including Aeotec, Contec, FIBARO, Goap (Qubino), Leedarson, Oblo Living, Thermo-Floor, and will introduce and demonstrate their new-to-market innovations in stand 9-E150 at ISE. 

The award-winning Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit (CIT) will also be demonstrated in the Pavilion: CIT provides the integrator community with information both textually and graphically on the health and stability of new Z-Wave networks, and is available to any member who joins the Alliance. 

To learn more about the latest IoT technologies entering the market, visit the Z-Wave Pavilion, Stand 9-E150 at ISE 2019 and at

If You Didn't Visit us at CES, Here's What You Missed

Smart home stole the show at CES. At the forefront of the Sands Smart Home Marketplace, Z-Wave Alliance members welcomed industry attendees, press and analysts into their pods for a first-hand look at their latest smart locks, all-in-one smart home hubs, energy management and security devices, maker boards, sensors, touch panels and more. The Z-Wave Alliance introduced high quality technology for business, consumer, and the developer community all in one central location in the Z-Wave Pavilion. We are looking forward to meeting you at CES 2020. 
For more details on CES announcements from Alliance members, visit our website here.